SAT Test Preparation

The Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test for most admissions in the United States. The school students seeking admission into undergrad course in the US and international students seeking admission in US colleges need to take this test.


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SAT Overview

SAT score is crucial even in deciding whether you deserve scholarship or not. Many merit scholarships are given based on the performance of students in the SAT.

The total test runs for 3 hours 45 minutes testing time and three breaks of five minutes each. Thus, total test time is 4 hours including the time allotted for breaks.

The final SAT score is an aggregate of three scores ranging between 200 and 800. The three scores are writing score, math scores, and critical reading score. Thus, the perfect scores is 2400 while minimum possible score 600 (which is practically considered zero)

Yes, for each correct response, you get a credit of one mark. For each incorrect option, ¼ of a mark is deducted. However, no negative scoring is affected if you leave a question without answering.

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