How to Get a Student Job in the UK

Students making the leap from their native country to travel and study abroad are a daring, fantastic bunch of inquisitive people; letting their curiosities run wild and exploring the world. If their next stop is the UK to continue and flourish in their studies, then they may find securing a job overseas will also help.

Cost of living fluctuates across the UK cities and with many international students venturing to London, they’ll probably be annoyed to hear that it is currently the 8th most expensive city in the world. Regardless, it is important to know the tips when it comes to finding a job as an expat.

If you are from outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland
So international students may already know this, but they will have had to apply for a Tier 4 visa and in order to work in the UK, there are, unfortunately, some strict regulations. In order to find out if a student can work or not, they are able to check the visa sticker or the Bio-metric Residence Permit, which can be found in their passport.

No need to worry, we are almost over the boring part! Below is a quick and help list which outlines what Tier 4 visa students can and cannot do:

Tier 4 students can do:

  • During term time and studying full-time at degree level or higher can work 20 hours per week
  • During term time and studying full-time BELOW degree level can work 10 hours per week
  • During the holidays or after your programme ends, students are able to work full-time
  • Or a work placement which is part of your studies

Tier 4 students cannot do:

  • Self-employed work, freelancing or gig-economy
  • A professional entertainer, sportsperson and coach
  • Work as a full-time employee in a permanent position
  • A work placement that is not assessed and part of your studies
  • Taking part in business activities

The best jobs for international students

    This one is a favorite of ours. Not only is it an rewarding experience to work alongside your university peers, but it looks fantastic on a CV. Responsibilities include working on open days and freshers events and it is also a great chance to make friends with new people; making transition far more comforting.
    A popular option with UK students, it is also a growing trend with internationals too. With many offering flexible works and also during the evenings, it means students do not have to sacrifice precious lecture time to attend their job.
    With many warehouse and factory positions (Amazon, Post Office and DHL to same a few) are always widely available, especially during holiday season, it is widely accessible to international students. Be warned, it is physically demanding, so students should ensure they can healthily maintain their work/life balance lifestyle.
    If being a mystery shopper does not pay enough, or you need more hours then retail work will be more ideal. With plenty of opportunities available and typically experience is not required as training is given on the job.
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